Writing Proposals: Rhetoric for Managing Change by Richard Johnson-Sheehan PDF Download Free

Title Writing Proposals: Rhetoric for Managing Change
Author: Richard Johnson-Sheehan.
0205326897 / 9780205326891 / 0205326897.
288 pages.
Description: Writing Proposals offers a comprehensive approach to proposal development which is often not found in other books on the subject. Chapters place the steps for developing an effective proposal in a rhetorical context, building a coherent approach to persuasive writing. Offers readers visual thinking strategies, encouraging them to tap into their own abilities to visualize complex situations and imagine solutions. Provides strategies for using the Internet to collect information toward writing proposals, including key word and topic tree search techniques. Helps readers sort out the monetary needs of their proposal by including a complete discussion on creating budgets. The book uses two case studies to illustrate the proposal writing process. Appearing in every chapter, these case studies show readers how people invent, compose, revise, and edit proposals. For those seeking a comprehensive guide to writing proposals. .

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